Lead Capture Effectively Through Great Design

So much of web design is focused on graphics and color choices, cool fonts and whether or not the new cartoon character you’re considering really conveys the fun, unique spirit of your company….or just looks a little pudgy and anemic. In all the conversations you’re having about your bold new redesign, however, don’t forget the most important question for any website: does it capture new customers?

Remember, you have only four to six seconds to engage your visitor, before they click away. Can you astound your potential customer with your expertise, your prices, and your look in that time, or will they disengage? “Sure,” you say. “My homepage looks fantastic.” Okay-great news. Then let’s talk about your lead generation forms. Do you have a contact us page?

Do you have a form you’re asking your customers to fill out to get something from you in return, like a quote, or a call, or a free brochure? If you do-and you should- then think very carefully about how you design it for maximum results. In fact, according to analysts at Marketing Sherpa, “56% of marketers consider optimizing form logic to have a very significant impact on website performance, and 46% of marketers consider optimizing form layout to have a very significant impact.”

In other words, it matters. A lot.

Ask too much of your consumers and they’ll get tired of filling out the form and click away fast. There are plenty of studies out there showing a significant decrease in conversions from forms with more than 6-8 questions to fill out.

However, if you request too little from your leads, you may not have enough for your salespeople to go on. It’s critical, then, to consider what information you really need, and why, before you put a spot for it on your form. Don’t include what isn’t essential, and make sure the landing page looks great. Is the form easy to fill out? Appealing to look at?

Is there a clear benefit communicated to your potential customer about what they will receive in exchange for giving you this information, or is yours just another hand extended, looking for something for free? Remember, everyone gets spam in their inbox, and everyone gets asked for personal information all day long on the Internet. Differentiate yourself with your customers by asking only for what’s necessary, and only in exchange for something of value: useful information, a discount, or a consultation about their problem.

Multiple Browser Compatibility Equals More Conversions

When considering if your website needs a redesign, think about its compatibility with multiple browsers. Can someone using Firefox explore your site as easily as someone using Safari? What about mobile users? With over a billion people using Smartphones in 2012, you don’t want to be the website no one can access from their Android.