Multiple Browser Compatibility Equals More Conversions

When considering if your website needs a redesign, think about its compatibility with multiple browsers. Can someone using Firefox explore your site as easily as someone using Safari? What about mobile users? With over a billion people using Smartphones in 2012, you don’t want to be the website no one can access from their Android.

Don’t Make Your Customers Reach for Their Glasses

How easily can you read your website? We’re not talking about language skills, but instead  letter size, contrast and font. Is your content loaded onto your homepage in giant paragraphs with lines that blur together on the screen, or does it appear in tiny script that’s impossible to read without your glasses?

Let your website design work for you, not against you. Easy to read, easy to see headlines and text makes for happy website visitors and multiple conversions, while websites that score poorly in these areas just create business for your local optometrist.